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Butterfly Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. (“Butterfly”) is a high-tech company which invented the concept of Smart Projection Computer, and introduced the world’s first such product to the global market place. Butterfly is one of the earliest companies in the world to develop micro optical engine, and has been a technology leader in projection display industry since its start.

Relying on its powerful innovation ability and the world-leading technology, Butterfly successfully resolved many of the technical issues associated with projection interactivity and becomes the inventor of the smart projection technology after nearly six years of heavy R&D effort. Based on smart projection, the interactive projection computer brings a whole new experience to end users which they never had before with other consumer products. With the size of a mobile phone size, it can provide you with a 60 inches or larger high-definition screen which can be right in the front, at the side of your bed, or at the ceiling, with vivid color and brilliant images. Smart automatic-focus feature even renders the manual focus, something you always have to do with a projector, unnecessary. Remote control pen based on Butterfly’s patent technology is so simple and user-friendly. When you move the curser of the remote control across the screen, you just feel that your finger is moving on the screen. When you want to “touch” the screen”, just a push on the button and you get a real time reflection on the screen. The smart projection computer is certainly different from any existing electronic devices on the market, and offers a unique experience of virtual touch. This technology can also be used in connection with mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs, and is kicking off a new technological revolution.

Since its set-up, Butterfly has always taken technology innovation as its mission. Innovation can be only achieved by relentless pursuit of technology, heavy investment in research, and enduring long and hard work. However, only thru innovation a technology company can really grow with sustainable pace. After years of effort, we have developed large amount of IPs and know-hows around optical designs, software and algorithms, and associated component technologies on “Smart Projection”. We own all the core technologies with proprietary patent pool covering China, USA, Europe, Japan and Korea. With such clear technical advantage, we are leading one of the important trends in today’s dynamic consumer electronic industry.

Butterfly’s principle businesses include R&D and manufacture of smart projection computer products, projector optical engine, and related light source. The scope of our business currently covers both civil and commercial application of consumer electronics products. At the same time our projection and lighting technology is well-received in stage lighting and other industries. Butterfly takes continuous innovation as our primary development strategy, and aims for introducing cutting-edge products to our target market space. Our goal is to become a global technology leader with solid foundations in basic optics, light source, software, and precision mechanics.